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Not bad =) But permadeath...

Add a save mode please


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First guide I made!

First co-op gameplay so far!

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i downloaded the 32-bit for Windows again when i saw the comment of @Spectre1001 : "THANK YOU. I played this game once but then it glitched, now you fixed it and it is the best game ever." because my game also glitched, but then it still doesn't work... when i open the application it is a black screen with just the words "new text" at the bottom right. A really fun game, but i am unable to play it. Please help me.

mine does too

See the first answer here:

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Does Streets of Rogue lead to Streets of Rage? Check out Kratzen's two-star review!

I would read the whole review but the Comic Sans hurt my eyes

Comic Sans should never appear on the website; indeed, I haven't heard a single complaint about Comic Sans. I have Comic Sans installed, and it hasn't ever popped up. In the absence of any fonts, it should be whatever your Web browser selects as the default. The font stack is:

"Linux Libertine Display O", "Linux Libertine", "Liberation Serif", "FreeSerif", "EB Garamond", serif

I could stand to add in a common non-libre typeface.

Guess everyone has opinions

yeah opinions happen sometimes

THANK YOU. I played this game once but then it glitched, now you fixed it and it is the best game ever.

I need the version on steam BUT IM POOR

I finally picked up the full game on steam or the early release version on there its definitely worth a play on here at least, you can check out my perspective here if you would like!

Really good game, though you should include stuff like : Using syringes on any person, by going behind them and using it, Maybe a 'Grapple' attack, that lets you throw people around or disarm them, also a crouch option to hide behind Barrels, trash cans, and some other stuff, using furniture as weapons, etc.
also im having a problem with Joystick, the buttons work after binding them but both axis wont work, i even tried with x360ce and nope. Good work thought

I really enjoyed this game, I didn't have the full version but I do now this is another game I won't be putting down for awhile. I suggest everyone pick it up and play it!

cooll video man!

Thank I really enjoy this game I think I'm going to play some more soon!

last time or last mounth on steam the streets of rogue dont want to paid but this time it can be paid i already vote in streets of rogue on steam

anarchic fun you say?

Congratulation bro! You did it!

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I love this game so freaking much. Such a shame the paid version isn't available for 32bit (Vista) or outside of Steam, otherwise I might buy it, and I'm a total cheapskate.


The 32-bit version is available as a paid version.


I've enjoyed the alpha versions so far, and I'll gladly buy it as soon as it is available through a DRM-free outlet, like here or

So is there any difference between the paid Steam version and the free version on here?

Ah I see. Thanks for the help!

just bought it on steam, i was excited when i saw it come up. congradulations!

I killed a guy with a banana. I'm sold.

It says it cannot be opened on Mac.

Deleted post

Now you got this off your chest, could you explain what`s wrong with selling the game here AND on Steam?

Deleted post

Your first post didn`t make much sense, but now you`ve moved into a realm of madness :) Got any proof that I "upvoted my own comment"? Buddy, I think it`s time to take a break from the internets, seems it affects you negatively. (Lol, till now I didn`t even know you can +/- comments here :)

And when you calm down a bit, my original question still stands: could you explain what`s wrong with selling the game here AND on Steam? Like, you know, hundreds of other devs who sell games DRM-FREE on here, gog, humble AND Steam too.

Deleted post

LMFAO You say that as though you've presented an argument for why it can't be sold on both platforms. You haven't. He can't lose an argument to you when you don't have one.


Sad to see this moved to Steam. Hope you can arrange to sell it here as well, DRM -Free.


hi madguy well i download your game in igg game so i cant play its 64-bit please upload 32-bit in igg games

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The game is now being published by tinyBuild so the game has been moved to STEAM

For this weekend only download it for free through it's STEAM PAGE

Thank you for stating the obvious. The point is that it's only in 64bit and won't run on 32bit versions of Windows. nobody with 32bit XP or Vista is going to buy it on Steam when it requires 64bit Win 7

Back in the mean streets!

Man I love this game!
Trying out some of the multiplayer for...

Matt, you did good man! the multiplayer is awesome!!!

So turns out Streets of Rogue works amazingly online. Until you punch each other to death.

what are a few things the march 10th update

Also, now that the full game is released, will you announce the winner of the free give away?

Winners have already been announced, sorry


When it's fully released, is there a way to buy it without Steam?


When out of early access, maybe. Now, Steam only.


I don't wanna download it I WANNA TO PLAY IT FOR FREE IN STEAM :(

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You do realize that when you install something on steam you still download it, right

So any patch notes as to what changed in the final free version or are all (most) of the changes just relating to notifying you that it's the final free version?

Pretty much -- Most of my time since the previous version has been dedicated to doing stuff for the Steam release.

hey is this game has a new version now?

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Thanks for making this dude. i really needed a game with permadeath!( this is a complement)

What is going to be in the full game that isnt in the demo?

(currently playing the demo I love this game)

See here!

it's still alive?


Yes, in fact it's coming to Steam on Friday March 10th!

Are we gonna pay for it?


It will be $14.99, and there will also be a launch discount.


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