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Anyone got the control manual for this game? I didn't pay any attention when I first saw it so I kinda have a difficult time playing this T_T

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Game is really fun with the large amount of characters with various perks and abilities. It has a lot of replayability as every level is different. I love how polished the game is with the hits, and how fun it is fighting enemies. However it is a little confusing on how to convert people. Overall really fun finding new ways to defeat enemies and overcoming obstacles.


I have a problem when starting the game on the mac black screen sounds there is a cursor too pixel with what the beta worked calmly


I'm having trouble running the linux version. The issue that I'm having is that the 64-bit version just displays a black screen and then crashes, the 32 bit version seems to work fine but I think I might be experiencing some minor optimization issues with the 32-bit version. I read the troubleshooting guide but the only thing it seems to have is a link to a forum post for something completely unrelated that also seems to only work on Debian. I have Ubuntu and the terminal commands the post states to use don't work, the first one doesn't work because deb isn't a valid command on Ubuntu and gives me an error message saying that I don't have permissions and if I add sudo to give extra permissions, it states that "jessie-backports" isn't valid because it's not available in the sources.


After making a post about it on reddit, I've discovered what I believe to be what's causing the issue with the linux 64-bit version. Apparently, the 64-bit version has a problem with a library mismatch in the version of mono that it comes pre-packaged with.

For the one person who reads this, the new version fixed this issue.


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So, before it said that it couldn't load, so I got the application. Now the screen is black, and I can't see anything. Can someone help?

Update: Now, as soon as I open it, the screen goes black, and Streets of Rogue closes.

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Best game I've ever played honestly in my whole life.


e multuplayer offline??


Possibly the best game ever, get it now.


hopefully people in the future wont have to buy to play:(


You should know that games of this quality are not easy to make. Making games like these and putting them on store for free is basically wasting a lot of time for nothing.


LOL its free now.


Yeah but i mean the full version that's on Steam, where it doesn't insta-kills you when you get to a certain level



plis respect for the time and knowledge of creators, and men (or kid) find a job


How do i play with friends? can i use things like Hamacho or Radmin to host a remote lan match? or if parasec will work with it?

If you get the full version on steam you can play every level and do online coop

sería bueno que agreguen algunos personajes mas a la prueba gratuita, pero de todos modos sería menos lucrativo. pero en conclucion es un gran juego y se merece 5/5

can i play this with friends?


you can play with a friend. But not online i think.

You can if you buy the game on steam.


I managed to beat the game but ithink this game is amazing! Its just so much fun and i was disappointed when I beat the game. :( I don't have any money so i can't get the steam version :(((


i feel u man


You can always try to speedrun it 


I when I open the Mac version it doesn't work it says 

The application “StreetsOfRogueMac” can’t be opened.

u need to get the appication for it to work

ma boy

why i cant play it it says failed to load mono


oops i forgot to adding the mono files -_-


hey I cant open the Mac version but I'm using mac


get the itch app i had the same problem the app fixed it


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good argument

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the comment said something like all the characters should be released for fre

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hello i am having trouble playing this game on Linux Ubuntu 18.0.4 the game does as described in another users comment as it go's strait to a solid color screen with a large cursor i also saw the what the "solution" was for the problem i just have one problem i have no clue how to change the screen size as no window pops up to change the screen to windowed mode is there something im not seeing?

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do  you have the correct file location "~/.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/common/Streets of Rogue",  run the command ls[list directory] you should see

"StreetsOfRogueLinux_Data  StreetsOfRogueLinux.x86  StreetsOfRogueLinux.x86_64" of that run the command listed bellow "./StreetsOfRogueLinux.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen" 0

the first section selects the file(the game) and the second sets it to not full screen 

you should be prompted by the game,  asking if you want full screen, or not full screen when the game open

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it's in my downloads file because i got it off

if it isn't supposed to be there then pls tell me exaclty where to put it (i dont tend to do a lot of stuff in the console so extra clarity is appreciated) 


same problem, but what i did is i knew that it was just the setup settings screen so i put my mouse in the bottom middle of the screen and moved it up until the screen flashed and i heard a sound. that should be the done button. press that and you're ok


thx it works now


You are awesome! Thanks for this tip

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Good game, fun and addicting, fun events that can make the game harder and feel fresh. Some class have different ways to play the game and it makes it hard and fun. But my question is how do you save your game? It's frustrating that i've worked hard to get my items and get to the floor 2-2 and it just happens to reset it. Well I hope you add this feature or tell it to us on how to save the game. Anyways great game i've been playing this nonstop.


I think saves are for the saved Steam version and the other platforms



how do you play it im kne


i love this game and got hooked as soon as i began to play it but lately the game wont start up and keeps saying error im on a mac oscatalina btw adn it was working fine before please reply if you have a fix becasue i truly do love this game

not 100% sure but my guess would be that it's 32 bit, and you can't run 32 bit apps on macOS anymore

I made a series on this game because its so good!

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Loved it! I can wait to show my player two about this. 


The game is so good i had to make another video on it!


I am a big fan of this game the endless chaos that can be created is amazing! 

mac version doesn't run, keeps saying the application can't be started

plus it only came with the application file and i'm not sure if it was supposed to come with anything else


bro (4 mac) u have to install itch and then install the game


the linux version is not working here

the cursor become gigantic, and the entire screen is filled with a single color, during the boot of the game its black, but once the game boot, the entire screen is blue, and it change a little the color if i move the mouse.

i tried running it from terminal to debut what the issue was, and got this error:

Unable to preload the following plugins:

i tried to run it from steam, or copying those files for the same location that the main executable is, but nothing changed.

Had the same problem until I started the game in windowed mode first. Run the game with ./StreetsOfRogueLinux.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen 0 and then change the settings back to fullscreen.

it works, thanks!


Gracias por el soporte a Linux 

I really enjoy the game. When will be the full scope game available?

The game has been released on Steam, although I believe they also have a website somewhere where you can buy it directly from them.


This game has so much scope, so much range, so much randomness! Just playing the demo version is an exercise is being overwhelmed (in a good way)!

The premise is simple. Pick a character (all with different stats and different mission types throughout the game), customise that character to look as much like you as possible (or not, it's up to you!), then dump that character into a veritable warzone of gangsters, hackers, mad scientists, angry bums, gorillas and who knows what else and see what happens!

It's insanely entertaining, and there's so many different things to see and do and interact with and beat up that you'll be occupied for months... nay, years! So if you want an old school style beat-em-up with an open world landscape then give this demo a trial run. And if that whets your appetite go and grab the full version as soon as humanly possible!

Madguy / Matt, you sir are a veritable genius and I look forward to seeing more madcap work in the future =)


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