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how will i know whats new??

How do I save?

Its fucking pretty awesome!!! I want to keep involved.

This game is SOOO fun! I just played for like a half an hour and had a great time! keep up the amazing work!

So, I've played a lot of SORALPHA and I've been witnessing it in 30fps recently and I never noticed it. SO I changed my graphics to have v-sync off because it has seemed to have no effect. When I do this my fps went up to 100 but I would like to request if we could get a way to limit the fps please.


The game is great, but I'd prefer if you had an option to not automatically combine weapons you already have. I like to keep multiple so I can give firearms to my allies after I get No Infighting.

I had a very fun time going through this game as the gorilla:

I'm going to be playing more for sure.

You should add in the fourth level or fifth or the end of the level a soldier which completely guarded floor

really nice game

very cool game, love it already

Hey, this game is seriously awesome haha i did a video on it ( and will do a few more, as well as recommended it to a few other friends to try out. I'm defiantly going to keep my eye on this one xD

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how do i use ps3 controller(PRO EX) to play this because i want to play two player mode with my brother.


Download "Input Mapper"!

Looking really great so far. I'm not sure how the mechanics would go, but it would be fun to play as a ghost.

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Doesn't quite work for me, I get this screen when running.

Windows 8.1, 64-bit

Does this happen the first time you play the game, or on subsequent boot-ups? Are you able to get past the main menu? Also, can you try going to C:\Users(your name)\AppData\LocalLow\Streets of Rogue\Streets of Rogue and delete GameSettings.dat. AppData is a hidden folder, but it will work if you type it into the address bar.

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It happens every time. I also did what you said and it didn't change anything, and created a new GameSettings.dat

Also this is what comes up immediately when running the game, it seemingly doesn't respond to any keys and I need to Alt+F4 to close it.

What resolution is your monitor set to? Is there anything noteworthy/odd about your system? External peripherals?

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Yes, actually. I'm using a 32' TV monitor, and use 1360x768 resolution cause it doesn't support any higher. I'll try messing around with that.

Edit: Using 1280x768 actually runs it seeming perfectly fine, suppose it just doesn't support the resolution.. My bad if this was explained somewhere lol.


Interesting, I'll make a note of that. Resolution issues are still a thing.

The longer I play this, the more it seems criminal that I have neighbors that are playing far obsolete games. This is definitely a masterpiece in the making, thank you for this experience.

Just a quick note to let you know that the mac version can not be started by double clicking the This is because is missing execute permissions. Just add them and it works.


Interesting. I'm building the game on a PC (I don't even own a Mac), and this is what Unity spits out. Will have to look into this a bit further.

Nice 32 bit! I can play now!

I really like this game, creative and challenging. Nice and Good. Awesome and Cool. I really enjoy playing this game.

Check how dumb i played this game :

In the final version will one of the characters be a worker? I know that I've seen some around and I'd imagine it would be fun playing as one.

That is the current plan

Duude, this is great! It's dang good fun to play, and it looks wonderful. Thanks for a great experience!

it does not work ): sad cause it looks pretty good

Not sure what you mean. What happens when you run it?

I've been loving this game! All about the Wrestler and Jock weirdly.

At first I didn't like the level structure, wanting one big sprawling city with no rules. But really I'd be doing the same things, so I got used to it. What if the naming was themed around "North South East West" or districts? "1-1, 2-1" etc just puts me in mind of endless downward dungeons, which doesn't seem to fit with the game's theme to me.

Also, is there currently an end point? I've only made it to 2-2. Big fan if the bomb levels!

End point is at 2-3 right now. Planning to have 5-ish area types.

can you put it to 32 pixel

If you're referring to 32-bit, yes there will be a 32-bit version soon.

Maybe @Mildy means 32-pixel wide tile set.

Really awesome first release - hoping for more! (will definitely buy too, if price is reasonable).

Really like this game, only big bug I noticed is when I played through all the characters the one time the red gansta spawned in far left corner of map in black part of screen.

Saw this once at PAX, will be looking for a fix soon.

I am absolutely loving this game right now. It has the creativity of a good thief game (i.e. resurrection potion/syringe into air filter, multiple ways to tinker generator), and the action of a good roguelite as you mentioned. Please keep up with the creative combinations, it's amazing.

Bugfix build is out for those getting the "can't click buttons" issue. Rejoice.

It runs, but it wont let me click on anything, so I'm unable to play.

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Fix for this coming next week hopefully once I get back from PAX. Try turning off your touch screen support if you're on one.

Disabled touch screen, and it worked like a charm. Much appreciated.

Need pixel perfect scaling.

How do you make money?

You can earn money by doing missions, or killing people.

No I mean how do developer(s) of this game make money?


It's free as an open alpha. Game won't be free forever :)

that what i wanted it cant play on my version

Can You Make A 32-bit Version?

Will likely do that for the next update. I used to have one posted actually, but I didn't have time to sort out a new one in the hullabaloo of the game's official announcement.

I really like what I've played so far! I'm a real sucker for this kind of contemporary setting. So much character! The level of detail is staggering. You really made this by yourself? Wow, that's quite inspirational to anyone who wants to get into solo development. I really hope development goes well, and I can't wait to see where this goes in the future!

Deleted 6 years ago

Running/ walking speed depends on what character you pick, in this video you picked Wrestler which is one of the slowest characters in the game. Look at the characters stats to see their walking speed, strength, etc...

Yeah I realized when I played shopkeeper that he moves faster. Was just about to edit my comment to delete it haha.

Glad you uploded this on

This is the best (and only) RPG, Rogue-like, Action, Stealth, Shooter, Brawler, Co-op, Mega-game ever!

This game is awesome! Thanks for instantly having controller support, too. Can't wait for future versions!

Shame there is no version for linux :( really liked the video.

I've been meaning to create a Linux build -- the game is made in Unity so it's not hard, I just haven't gotten around to it. Shoot me an email and I'll create a Linux test build for you.

Thank you very much! The game is awesome! Looking forward for the final version.

+1 for having a linux build

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you by email or maybe on FaceBook? :)

My email contact is at the bottom of

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